Jerez Fireplace

Jerez Fireplace is a fireplace expert integrating R&D and production. More than 10 years of experience for China and the international market promoted us to accumulate the mature production technology in electric fireplace, water vapor fireplace and Bio ethanol fireplace. The company’s commitment to innovation has fostered outstanding product development and design excellence.

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Electric Fireplace

Decorative fireplace, fireplace heater, with or without frame, normal or COB, any length, single color or multicolor…

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Water Vapor Fireplace

Logset or without, with glass or without, single color or APP multicolor, any length, with or without Led touch panel, stainless steel water tank…

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Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Easy use, push and pull, safety control, any length, can do total stainless steel 304 for outside…

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